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Check out some of our live campaigns real-time performances below. Integrate AdDeals to boost your revenues!

Campaign # CPM* Platform [devices]   Campaign ad category Countries Monthly revenues*
33713917 $1.16 Windows Tablets/PCs apps   Others US $694 (20k views/day)
33713924 $1.11 Windows Tablets/PCs apps   Others US $668 (20k views/day)
33433935 $1.05 Windows Tablets/PCs apps   Others US $628 (20k views/day)
33293943 $0.98 Windows Tablets/PCs apps   Others US $587 (20k views/day)
36273846 $0.94 Windows Tablets/PCs apps   Games US $566 (20k views/day)
36293927 $0.71 Windows Tablets/PCs apps   Others US $428 (20k views/day)
(*) Those are performances of live campaigns in specific app or games integrating AdDeals. Your CPMs will depend on your app audience and how you integrate ads.

Better app monetization

  • Increase your CPMs & revenues
  • Increase your ad fill rates with us
  • Interstitial ad formats
  • Windows/iOS/Android supported
  • Optionnally set a minimal CPM
  • Optionnally fallback to other networks
Free app cross-promotion

  • 1:1 cross-promotion - Display 1 cross-promotion ad for another app in your app and earn 1 display for your app in another app.
  • Up to 100% fill rate
  • $0 / download. What's best to build a sustainable app business?
Advertise exclusive offers

  • Want to get quality users?
  • Promote your apps and games
  • Drive more app downloads
  • Give visibility to your brand
  • Offer something special (or not)
  • Generate higher conversions
  • Increase your sales and ROI
Selection of Windows - iOS - Android apps using AdDeals advertising services and user acquisition services

“Very useful service, great performance and boost to our downloads!”
Matteo Palumbo, CEO
Interactive Project
“AdDeals provides solutions to advertise in other developer’s apps and so gives the possibility to attract even more players to our games”

Kyy Games
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